Exciting happenings in the sidebar

If you take a glance at the sidebar to the right, you’ll notice a few links under “Pages” now.  The pages that I’ve added to the pocket scroll are all, in fact, full of content you can also find at Classic Christianity under “My Other Stuff”.

The new pages, the Classic Christian pages, are all about what I think of as “Classic Christianity,” the full store of the Great Tradition of 2000 years of Christian thought, prayer, theology, hymnody, liturgy, mysticism, poetry, etc.  You see, I think that we can rediscover a more genuine Christianity for today through looking back at the past.

There is more to Christian thought than the past 50 years.  More to Christian music than the past 10 or 20.  There is pre-Reformation theology worth reading.  Christians wrote fantastic poetry worth reading 100 years ago.  To escape the shallowness of so much Christian stuff these days, let’s rediscover the depth of those who have gone before!

So the new pages talk about this idea and then point you in directions to help you on your own Classic Christian journey.

What do you think?

Also, if any have time, could you compare the two sites and let me know which is better, in terms of style and format?  They have the same content, don’t worry!


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