It is Corpus Christi, after all

I have a habit of being drawn to Eucharistic passages.  So here’s one I found today, from John Cassian’s Conferences, 24.21.1.  The speaker is Abba Theonas:

Yet we should not keep away from the Lord’s communion because we know that we are sinners, but we should hasten to it all the more avidly for the sake of our soul’s healing and our spirit’s purification, yet with that humility of mind and faith that will cause us, while judging ourselves unworthy to receive such a grace, to seek it instead as a medicine for our wounds.  Otherwise communion may not be worthily recieved even once a year, as is the case with some who live in monasteries and who are so in awe of the dignity and holiness and worth of the heavenly sacraments that they think that no one should receive them but the holy and stainless, rather than that it is they that make us holy and pure by receiving them. (trans. Boniface Ramsey, OP)

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