Sts. Peter & Paul

Today is the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul.

Peter was a fisherman, Paul a Pharisee.

Both, having encountered Jesus, filled with the Spirit, were apostles.

Tradition tells us that both died in Rome at Nero’s hands in the 60’s.  Peter, not a Roman citizen was crucified on Vatican Hill.  Upside down.  Paul, a Roman citizen, was beheaded.

What are we to do with the example of these two men?

Let us preach the Gospel.  This was the driving force in their lives as we see them in Scripture, bot in Acts and their letters.  Tell people about Christ.  Help them become brothers and sisters, fellow-citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven.  This is what marked the apostles and set them apart.  If we are not engaged in the apostolic activity, are we still following the Apostolic tradition?

Let us also pray.  These were men of prayer.  Mystics, in fact.  St. Peter had the vision that convinced him to preach to Gentiles while praying on the rooftop at noon.  As well, he and St. John went to the Temple at the ninth hour to pray.  St. Paul had a vision of the heavens.  Contemplation of God, drawing into His embrace and seeking His face is also part of the Apostolic tradition.

Follow these saints, seeking the face of God and helping others join the quest.  Prayer and contemplation fuel the evangelistic enterprise, for prayer and contemplation keep us connected with the living God.


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