At last!

Starting this Tuesday at 7 PM, after almost three years since the idea floated into my brain, I shall embark on the journey of a Classic Christian small group study!  I am so very excited!

This will be a group not only for critical discussion of classic writings of the Christian faith but also for creative exploration the impact of these writings upon our lives, meaning we will be both critical and devotional, going beyond the academic/cerebral and avoiding the frooffy.  Each reading will be paired up with Scripture in the hope that each will cast light on the other.

God-willing, we’ll read CS Lewis, Evelyn Underhill, St. Athanasius, GK Chesterton, St. Francis of Assisi, Martin Luther, Dorothy Sayers, Richard Hooker, Julian of Norwich, the Desert Fathers and more!  We’ll read devotional works, theology, prayer, liturgy, poetry, and hopefully fiction!

I hope that many antics will ensue and our lives will be drawn further into the mystery that is God Almighty!

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