Fundamentalist Spam

I have been getting some Fundamentalist Spam of late, all of it being sent to posts about Patristics, especially the one about the Lord’s Supper. It’s really annoying, because the bad punctuation, grammar, formatting, etc, are all geared towards Catholics, and I’m not even Roman Catholic. Whatever moron decided to set up a Fundamentalist Spambot should know that he’s just really annoying people, some of whom aren’t even Catholics.

3 thoughts on “Fundamentalist Spam

  1. What fun!

    Anglicans are catholic, though. We were talking last night about the formation of the church, and Henry’s idea was that we would be Catholic, just with the reigning monarch as the head of the church instead of the pope. 🙂

  2. But note the distinction between Catholic and catholic – a little capitalization goes a long way…

    I’m a little unsettled by the evident increase in recruitment efforts by other churches, attempting to (speaking of which) capitalize on the current woes of the Roman Catholic church. It feels pretty scummy to me. To say nothing of how unlikely I am to sign up with a group that makes me think that someone’s having a nice chat about the weather at the bus stop, only to find it’s all a strategy to foist pamphlets at me. Real world spam is just as bad… I should really just post about this…

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