Sixth Day of Christmas, Commemoration of John Wycliffe

Although not Christmas-themed, here’s a pithy saying attributed to John Wycliffe (1320-1384) to get you through the sixth day of Christmas:

Englishmen learn Christs law best in English. Moses heard Gods law in his own tongue; so did Christs apostles.

Indeed, one could easily join Wycliffe in this and point out that the Scriptures were put into Latin as a task of translation so the common folk could understand them. And they were similar put into Old English in the Early Middle Ages.

So John Wycliffe and his successors such as Tyndale and Coverdale stand in line with Christian tradition, with the anonymous Latinisers and Jerome, with the anonymous translators of the Coptic Bible and the Syriac Peshitta, with Cyril and Methodius.

He was, in this respect, a very Catholic man.

Huzzah for English Bibles! Let us thank the Lord for Wycliffe, whose endeavours would come to full fruition in Tyndale and beyond.

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