Good Friday: Man and woman, look on me!

Flemish Gothic Retable, Musée nationale du Moyen Age, Paris

Man and woman, look on me!
How much I suffered for you, see!
Look on my back, laid bare with whips:
Look on my side, from which blood drips.
My feet and hands are nailed upon the Rood;
From pricking thorns my temples run with blood.
From side to side, from head to foot,
Turn and turn by body about,
You there shall find, all over, blood.
Five wounds I suffered for you: see!
So turn your heart, your heart, to me.

-14th century, trans. Brian Stone, Medieval English Verse, p. 38


3 thoughts on “Good Friday: Man and woman, look on me!

  1. I have really enjoyed and been moved by these poems and hymns, Matt. Thanks so much for engaging your wonderful mind and energy in discovering and sharing the riches of our heritage; to help us meditate more thoughtfully and deeply on Jesus and his sufferings. Peace and a blessed Easter to you and Jen.

    • I am so pleased that these hymns have impacted you, Jono! 🙂 You are welcome. It has been a pleasure rooting through my books of hymns and poems. A blessed Easter to you, Jill, and the kids!

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