Holy Saturday: An Uncomfortable Day in the Church Year

Today is Holy Saturday. I find today one of the most uncomfortable or awkward days in terms of feasts and commemorations of the Church. From Palm Sunday to Good Friday, we know what we’re about. The Triumphal Entry. Christ clearing the Temple. Christ on the Mount of Olives and disputing with opponents in the Temple. There’s nothing mentioned in Scripture for Wednesday — so we do Tenebrae to make up for it. Then comes the Last Supper and the Betrayal. And, of course, Good Friday.

After Good Friday, Easter Sunday — Resurrection, glory. Loosening our throats and tongues to shout, ‘Allelu–‘ you know the rest, ja?

But today?

Today the Disciples (soon to be Apostles, if they only knew!) are in hiding. The women — His Mother, Mary Magdalene, Salome, et aliae — are mourning His death.

On Holy Saturday, God’s body is lying dead in a tomb.

All there is to do is wait.

We aren’t good at that in our culture. I’m not that good at it, myself. I’d like Easter Sunday now, thank you very much.

But I think this awkwardness, this discomfort, this twitching while we wait is good.

It will make tomorrow morning, bleary-eyed but excited at 5:30 AM, that much more exciting.

The tension of today increases the release of tomorrow as we all respond to, ‘Christ is–‘ well, you know.

But not yet. For now, waiting. The Body of Our Lord in the Tomb.



2 thoughts on “Holy Saturday: An Uncomfortable Day in the Church Year

  1. I love this day; it’s actually become a huge part of my understanding of the life of faith. Esp. because of 2 Cor. 4:10; and the stuff in Hebrews about there remaining a sabbath rest for the people of God. It’s the “in-between” day, the day we wait for the promises to come true; which is our whole existence as we live in the “now and the not-yet” (remember we used to do that song at St Albans?!) of faith. It’s the day when Jesus’ death and life are held in balance; like the Eucharist, a celebration of his death and his life in holy tension. Anyway, don’t get me started; but thanks for acknowledging it. II agree it’s uncomfortable; maybe even agonising; but you might need to get used to it for now. It’s Saturday, but Sunday’s comin’!

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