The Jesus Prayer, from the West

Over at our shared blog, my brother has started blogging about the Jesus Prayer. Here’s the first — the second is also up!


Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

This is the Jesus Prayer, in English.

Jesus never prayed it.

Jesus didn’t ask His followers to pray it, even when they asked Him how they should pray (which would have been the ideal time to unleash this beaut’ on ’em!).

Yet, praying this one prayer has been, and continues to be, the whole spiritual devotion, the full spiritual formation plan, of countless Christians – both those living and those who have already joined the great company of the witness cloud by which we are compassed about.  This short prayer has been said to contain the entire Gospel (God’s good news of salvation through the Son, Jesus Christ); it is said to encapsulate all prayers; it is held in prayer, by some, in place of Psalmody.

My first words on this prayer, today, are these: it is called…

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