Watch my latest video, “Maybe there is a literal meaning” on YouTube!

In this video, I try to nuance the concept of the “literal” meaning of Scripture in response to Jonathan Pageau. I bring Augustine’s theory of signs and things as well as Maximus the Confessor on the Bible, closing with my own literal-symbolic reading of the Ascension narrative from Acts 1.

One thought on “Watch my latest video, “Maybe there is a literal meaning” on YouTube!

  1. It seems to me that the Church Fathers would embrace both the “literal” and symbolic meanings of the Scripture. It is not either or, and I’m curious what criteria people like your friend would use to reject the literal and accept the symbolic.

    Tertullian seems to believe that all creatures can and do pray. Passage like the following makes me wonder perhaps the passages in the Scripture where trees “shout with joy” or “clap their hands” are not meant to be taken symbolically after all. If creatures can pray, talking (snake or donkey) is not such a big deal either.

    every creature prays; cattle and wild beasts pray and bend their knees; and when they issue from their layers and lairs, they look up heavenward with no idle mouth, making their breath vibrate after their own manner. Nay, the birds too, rising out of the nest, upraise themselves heavenward, and, instead of hands, expand the cross of their wings, and say somewhat to seem like prayer.
    Tertullian: On Prayer XXIX (ANF04)

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