Cheap Grace

Liam and I are currently reading The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer together.  In the first chapter, Bonhoeffer teaches against “cheap grace”, that grace by which we see our sin justified but not ourselves as sinners, that grace which does not produce holy living and true discipleship.  But more on Bonhoeffer later.

The day before we met for discussion last week, I was doing my weekly readings from the Holy Bible: Mosaic, and there I found the following from August Hermann Francke (German, 1663-1727):

Most people when they hear that it is not possible for us by our powers to follow Christ, that man cannot from his own nature do so, use this masterfully as an excuse and if one admonishes them to follow Christ they say, “Yes we are poor weak men who can do nothing but sin; there is nothing in our own power able to bring forth or even think of good.”  But listen, dear man, God the Lord will not accept this excuse.  For because of this Christ has come that he might help us in our weakness, that he might raise us up through his divine power in our feebleness, that he might awaken us in a spiritual manner from death and make us alive.  (p. M 71)