Tomorrow Night: Lady Julian of Norwich

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at Lady Julian of Norwich, a 14th-century anchorite who had an anchorhold attached to the church of St. Julian in Norwich.  An anchorhold is where an anchorite would live.  Anchorites are like hermits, except they tend to have windows to the outside world so they can chat with Marjory Kempe and other people who come for spiritual direction, as well as a window to the church so they can participate in the liturgy with the community and receive the Blessed Sacrament.  They also had cats and sometimes housekeepers who lived in the anchorhold with them.

The life of the anchorhold was to hold fast to the original focus of the monastic calling, which is prayer and study of Scripture.  Through these two foci, an anchorite would draw nearer and nearer to Christ.  Thus would people come to them for spiritual direction through their little windows.

When Lady Julian fell ill, she had visions of Christ and received words from him.  These were written in her book Showings, from which we shall read.  Our readings will be from the longer version which she wrote years after the shorter version.  They are available in the sidebar.

She has a little page on this website, which you can read here.  That page contains a few links to websites related to Lady Julian and her spiritual theology.