Hymn Before Sunrise by ST Coleridge

Of course, the glory of God the Word is found not only in the beauty of things wrought by human hands, but in the beauty of those very things He spoke into being. Here is Coleridge’s wonderful Psalmic poem on an epiphanic experience of his own, as blogged by Malcolm Guite. Enjoy!

Malcolm Guite

Image by Linda Richardson Image by Linda Richardson

For January 4th in my Anthology fromCanterbury Press,Waiting on the Word,I have chosen to read a passage from A Hymn before Sunrise in the vale of Chamouni by ST Coleridge.

You can hear me read this poem by clicking on the title or the play button. The image above was created byLinda Richardson for her book of responses to Waiting on the Word, she writes:

Anyone who has ever had a “glance” of God wants to share the experience. It is like running home to show your family the beautiful butterfly you have captured in your cupped hands but when you get there it has escaped and all you have are impressions and words. In the gospel of John we hear Andrew’s response after he meets Jesus: “The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him…

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